Humboldt Yacht Club's JUNIOR SAILING SCHOOL led the way from 2009 through 2015 in offering a fun way for youth to develop sailing skills and self-confidence on Humboldt Bay in a safe and encouraging environment. It was a one week, 30-hour class for novice or intermediate sailors, providing instruction in water-safety and sailing knowledge through lectures, practical skills and land drills, but mostly on-the-water training.

Our classes were small: a maximum of ten students. The objective of the Junior Sailing School was to familiarize students with the basics of sailing and to allow them to feel comfortable on the water, while promoting sailing skills in youth and building a community of young sailors. The students learned safety skills such as how to leave and return to the dock, and righting a capsized boat. Topics covered included basic nomenclature, general water safety rules, equipment maintenance, knowledge of wind conditions, sailing positions, and knot tying [figure eight, bowline, cleat hitch and square]. The students also learned knowledge of boat parts, rigging and de-rigging, safety position, a basic understanding of starting and stopping, reaching, tacking , gybing, upwind and downwind sail trim, hiking stick and tiller, and a few rules of the road.

These classes were conducted on the progressive learning model prepared by the United States Sailing Association, and instruction oversight was conducted by Certified Sailing Instructors, and club volunteers., while motorized safely vessels were in attendance at all times while sailors were on the water. Director: John Bradley, United States Sailing Association - - Level 1 Certified Instructor, and Lead Instructor: Richard Hendry, American Sailing Association - - Basic Coastal Cruising Certified Instructor.

In the summer of 2015, HYC partnered with HSU's Center Activities to present a Junior Sailing School conducted out of the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center. For 2016 - 2018, the program was transferred fully to the Aquatic Center, and two sessions were offered both years. All instruction and registration is conducted by Center Activities and information for 2019 will be available through their catalog or by contacting the Aquatic Center directly.

Here is a YouTube video of our 2012 session!